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The W21C is a not-for-profit research and innovation initiative based in the University of Calgary and the Calgary zone of Alberta Health Services. W21C serves as a research and beta test-site for prototypical hospital design, novel approaches to health care delivery, human factors research, and innovative medical technologies.

Latest News

Introducing the O'Brien Institute for Public Health

Thanks to a $12 million dollar donation from David and Gail O'Brien, the newly named O'Brien Institute for Public Health, W21C and other O'Brien researchers can continue to make a difference to your health.

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W21C Patient Safety Podcast - Episode 33

Deborah Marshall and Karen MacDonald discuss adverse events in hip replacements and how monitoring device safety is important for patient safety, effectiveness and quality improvement.

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New Collaborations

W21C, Cisco and AHS collaborate to expand health care innovation

Groundbreaking initiatives from this partnership focus on taking care from the hospital through to the home

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