Jared holds an M.Sc. in Health and Exercise Physiology and a PhD in Applied Muscle Physiology from the University of Calgary where he studied the relationship between tendon mechanics and muscle energetics and of whole-body exercise in highly-trained and elite distance runners. This research has allowed for estimates of skeletal muscle energy cost during running. For the past 10+ years, he has also served as the Sport Physiologist for the Canadian National Para-swimming program, where he has been responsible for testing and monitoring of elite Paralympic swimmers and numerous World Championships and Paralympic Games as well as developing unique monitoring tools and techniques to optimize training prescription and exercise recovery. As a Mitacs-Accelerate Postdoctoral Fellow, Jared investigated novel physiological methods to detect training-related fatigue in highly-trained athletes, including novel ways to assess athlete fatigue from heart rate variability and skeletal muscle force measurements. At W21C, Jared supports the PRIHS funded, Probiotics to reduce Clostridium difficile in Calgary hospitals study.