Online Patient Health Portals

Online Patient Health Portals: What do Albertans think?

About the Project

Secure, comprehensive health information exchange among the care team—including patients—is critical for high quality health care. Despite this, many Canadian provinces or territories do not have an integrated system that communicates health information to all care providers, or allows patients to access or contribute to their health records. The use of online patient health portals is therefore being considered or implemented in various places across Canada to enhance access to health information. Given increasing interest in online patient health portals, this study examined public perceptions regarding the use of online patient health portals to access, manage, and share health information.


  • The results of this study have been shared with various decision making bodies throughout the province through a series of presentations delivered by the research team
  • These presentations and ongoing discussions can help to inform decisions around how to move forward in Alberta in a way that aligns with citizens’ views

Services Provided

  • Survey and Questionnaire Support
  • Participant Screening and Recruitment
  • Knowledge Translation
  • Data Collection