Applied Evidence Based Medicine in Quality Improvement (MDCN 440)

This course is only available to undergraduate medicine students at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine.

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Course Information

Title:  Dissecting the System-Projects in Quality Improvement

Duration:  60 hours


  • 5 two-hour small group sessions on Quality Improvement in Healthcare basics (September-October)
  • Mentored project-approx. 45 min
  • Required: Project presentation day (2 hours in January)
  • Critically Appraise Topic

Deliverables:  Project report, short oral presentation, CAT, small group session participation​

Project Topics:  Students are encouraged to present project ideas that align with their interests. We will be able to provide possible topics if no preference given.

Projects and mentors:  We will provide/suggest possible mentors, but students may also suggest suitable project mentors. Students will have a chance to rank the projects they are interested in and a best match will be made.


Ward Flemons (Director), Nishan Sharma (Coordinator), invited experts from University of Calgary, Health Quality Council of Alberta and Alberta Health Services

Past Student Projects

Click on the “Download” button to view examples from 2016-2017.


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