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Design & Research of Patient-Centred Tools to Support People with Chronic Care Needs

About the Project

The goal of this project is to research, design, create, and evaluate a patient-centred care planning website to support patients with multiple chronic conditions or care needs. The prototype is now complete and the results of the pilot study are currently being analyzed.

A key aim of this prototype is to demonstrate what “patient-centred” should really mean, and to demonstrate what is currently missing in Alberta’s current and upcoming health information ecosystem. On the website, patients create a login to access supports, resources, and tools tailored to their chronic care journey. The website features tracking tools, educational resources, appointment scheduling features, prescription management, and more – all in one place. The prototype site is live, and W21C researchers will study its impact on patients who use it to determine whether it is a helpful resource for them and how to improve it. This research was supported through an Alberta Innovates CRIO team grant.


Analysis is ongoing, but research results for this study hope to…

  • Re-define and demonstrate what “patient-centred” can mean
  • Could empower and support patients to become a part of their own care team
  • Could encourage prevention and management of chronic illnesses
  • Potential to support patients in having meaningful conversations at appointments

Services Provided

  • Grant Writing Support
  • Ethics Development and Management
  • Participant Screening and Recruitment
  • User Experience Research and Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Expert Reviews