Randomized Clinical Trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of SA4Ag vaccine in adults undergoing posterior spinal surgery (STRIVE)

About the Project

W21C is one of over 300 sites internationally conducting a placebo controlled vaccine study to investigate whether a single vaccination can prevent staphylococcus infections after spinal fusion surgery with multilevel instrumentation. W21C has been enrolling patients from across Southern Alberta at the Foothills Medical Centre for this study.


Analysis is ongoing, but this study hopes to…

  • Assess the efficacy of the SA4Ag vaccine in preventing S aureus infections in surgical patients with implants
  • Measure the safety and tolerability of the single vaccine by measuring local reactions, systemic events and adverse events

Services Provided

  • Ethics Development and Management
  • Clinical Trial Design and Coordination
  • Medical and Scientific Oversight
  • Regulatory Applications and Submissions
  • Participants Screening and Recruitment
  • Specimen Collection
  • Data Management

Strive Clinical Sites - International Study