Surface Medical’s CleanPatch

About the Project

In partnership with Alberta Health Service’s Infection Prevention and Control, W21C conducted an independent evaluation of Surface Medical’s CleanPatch – a 3 inch by 3 inch patch that works like a bandage for hospital beds. CleanPatch was developed to address the issue of damaged hospital surfaces contributing to Hospital Acquired Infections (or HAIs) – infections that patients develop in hospital while receiving treatment for a separate illness.

Focus groups and interviews were conducted to gather feedback on the design and development of the product and to assess the potential use in the hospital environment. A microbiology study was also conducted to compare the contamination rates between CleanPatch and hospital mattresses. Results of the study suggest that CleanPatch is an easy and innovative way to repair damaged hospital mattress surfaces.

Services Provided

  • Grant Writing Support
  • Ethics Development and Management
  • Specimen Collection
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Usability Testing

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