Well Doc Alberta

We know that physicians are at high risk of being unwell because of their work and that physician wellness is vital to professionalism and patient care. Individual physicians, the profession of medicine, and healthcare systems all share the responsibility for ensuring physician wellness. As such, W21C’s Physician Wellness Team has developed a forum, called Well Doc Alberta, for those involved in physician wellness, to make it easier to connect, work together, and share resources, with the vision of shaping the future of physician wellness, together.

Well Doc Alberta, as a physician wellness forum, serves to 1) foster collaboration, enhance expertise, and augment resources, 2) connect relevant people, programs, and organizations at the provincial and national level, 3) advance a provincial approach to physician wellness across all career stages, 4) grow the culture of physician wellness as integral to professionalism and excellence in patient care, and 5) endorse both individual and systems-level approaches as vital to physician wellness.

For up-to-date information on this initiative or to become involved, please visit the Well Doc Alberta website.

Scotiabank, MD Financial Management and the Canadian Medical Association together with the Alberta Medical Association are firmly committed to supporting the medical profession and advancing health in Canada.