Evaluation of a pressure sensing system to reduce the risk of pressure ulcer formation

About the Project

W21C conducted an independent parallel two-group randomized controlled trial (RCT) using XSENSOR’s ForeSite PT™ System, a thin sensing overlay that goes between the sheet and mattress on a patient’s bed. The RCT aimed to see if access to pressure imaging technology was effective at reducing pressure injuries. 678 participants were recruited to the study from throughout Foothills Medical Centre. The intervention provided real time interface pressure information to nursing staff in a patient population that was at high risk of pressure related ulcer development. This phase of the research was supported through an Alberta Innovates CRIO team grant. Previously, W21C worked with XSENSOR from their initial product concept to prototype creation and commercialization, by providing meaningful feedback from potential users on the different system prototypes.


  • RCT data collected is undergoing analysis
  • Impacts hope to demonstrate the reduction of ulcer formation with the use of the device to assist with standard of care turn schedules
  • Four publications have been associated with this study

Services Provided

  • Grant Writing Support
  • Ethics Development and Management
  • Expert Reviews
  • Usability Testing
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Clinical Trial Design and Coordination
  • Medical and Scientific Oversight
  • Regulatory Applications and Submissions
  • Participant Screening and Recruitment
  • Data Management
  • Knowledge Translation

Additional Content

Published Articles
Wong, H., Kaufman, J., Baylis, B. et al. Efficacy of a pressure-sensing mattress cover system for reducing interface pressure: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials 16, 434 (2015). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13063-015-0949-x

Ocampo W, Cheung A, Baylis B, et al. Economic Evaluations of Strategies to Prevent Hospital-Acquired Pressure InjuriesAdv Skin Wound Care. 2017;30(7):319-333. doi:10.1097/01.ASW.0000520289.89090.b0

Ho C, Ocampo W, Southern DA, Sola D, Baylis B, Conly JM, Hogan DB, Kaufman J, Stelfox HT, Ghali WA. Effect of a Continuous Bedside Pressure Mapping System for Reducing Interface Pressures: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Netw Open. 2023 Jun 1;6(6):e2316480. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2023.16480. PMID: 37266939; PMCID: PMC10238950.