Anna Maria (Ania) Bilik’s dedication to human-centred design and solutions grew from her educational and practical background in Design and Psychology. Ania graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Calgary and in Psychology from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poznan, Poland. While studying in Poland, Ania was involved in various non-profit organizations focusing on social good, notably the European Union’s students program, Erasmus Student Network. After graduation, Ania continued engaging in Calgary’s tech scene as an active member of Calgary UX, IncluCity Calgary, and CITI (Careers In Technology and Innovation). Ania looks to bring the user’s perspective into the digital space through design thinking and empathy. Her favourite aspect of the UX world is that it is led by curiosity, collaboration, the continuous need for learning and a genuine desire to better society by finding the most effortless solutions. In her free time, Ania enjoys painting, taking photos, cooking, playing tennis in the summer and skiing in the winter.