Deena holds a degree in Health Sciences, with a major in Biomedical Science, from the University of Calgary. As part of her degree, she completed an undergraduate thesis project which explored the role of electrical activity and trophic factors in the development of hippocampal cholinergic circuits in the mammalian brain. This involved handling brain-chip interfacing technology and animal models. Deena has also previously been involved in research with the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute. She is passionate about health equities and representing vulnerable populations. She volunteers regularly at the Foothills Medical Centre, where she tutors children impacted by cancer treatment. Outside of work, Deena enjoys playing guitar and piano. Interested in sharing the healing nature of music in a more impactful way, she became co-director of ‘Creative Connection’, a national organization which supports the mental health of senior citizens through virtual musical performances and social interaction. Deena also enjoys hiking with her family, using nature as inspiration for poetry and sketching.