Dr. Jane Lemaire is a Clinical Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine, and Vice Chair, Physician Wellness and Vitality, Department of Medicine at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. She and her research colleagues have passionately advocated for recognition of physician wellness as a quality indicator of healthcare systems, and a shared responsibility for physician wellness that lies with individual physicians, the medical profession, and healthcare systems. Dr. Lemaire received the 2016 Canadian Medical Association Misericordia Award for her contributions to physician wellness.

Dr. Lemaire is also the Director of Wellness at the Office of Professionalism, Equity, and Diversity, as well as the Wellness Lead at the W21C Research and Innovation Center, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. The W21C Wellness team has studied determinants of physician wellbeing, explored workplace nutrition on physician wellness, and studied the influence of coping strategies and personalities on physician wellness. Recent research explores how contextual factors within the complex healthcare work environment are linked to physician wellness, and patients’ views on physician wellness and how it links to patient care. Dr. Lemaire is the physician lead of Well Doc Alberta.