Jocelyn received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UBC in 2002. Her experience includes working on Unit 36, the Ward of the 21st Century at Foothills Medical Centre since 2006. As an RN and then as a Nurse Clinician, Jocelyn has a passion for Internal Medicine along with the fast pace and acuity that the Medical Teaching Unit provides. Previous experience includes 3 years as a Registered Nurse on an acute care unit in Kelowna, B.C. providing pre and post surgical care to thoracic, general and vascular surgery patients. After over a decade spent in a clinical research setting, and participating in countless quality improvement initiatives, Jocelyn decided to pursue a more significant role in research. Aspiring to improve the quality of care patients receive, Jocelyn recently joined W21C as Research Nurse Unit Champion with the Serious Illness Conversation program led by Dr Jessica Simon. When not at work Jocelyn enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.