Kat has earned a Bachelor of Kinesiology, Mind Sciences from the University of Calgary and a Masters of Science, Systems Design & Social Marketing from the University of Victoria. Kat’s design practice is rooted in behavioural science, co-creation and empathy. She utilizes experience design and innovative thinking to understand customer and organizational needs, followed by co-designing the building blocks and strategies needed to support innovation friendly cultures.

Prior to her career at W21C, Kat has worked across public, private and government leading innovation, knowledge translation and social change initiatives. She has held positions with J5 Design as a Senior Designer, with AHS as a Health Promotion Facilitator II specializing in early childhood development & maternal health, and is the principal of her own Social Change Strategy consultancy.

Outside of work, her personal interests include travel (to the mountains and ocean as much as possible) with her husband, daughter and extended family to bike, cross-country ski and take in the local food and art scene.