Keanan graduated from the University of Waterloo, with a degree in Science and Business, and a specialization in Biochemistry. Through the co-op program, he followed his passion for communication and healthcare, and joined a pharmaceutical sales agency in Toronto. Here he represented a number of oncology, hematology and gastroenterology brands that were on the market, or in phase II/III of clinical development.

After moving to Calgary with his family, Keanan joined IBM and played a critical role for business development on the healthcare team in western Canada. He worked with major healthcare authorities and regions to advance the delivery of care, using technology and data.

As security became one of the fastest growing industries within technology, Keanan was hired by Splunk, a leading cybersecurity and technology company. He learned the importance of data security and developed an appreciation for the vast amount of software technologies in the cybersecurity space.

In 2020, Keanan joined Amazon Web Services as an Account Manager, helping enterprises across Alberta innovate and leverage technology to make data-driven decisions.