Maeve O’Beirne, MD, is a family physician and Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, Departments of Family Medicine and Community Health Sciences. Her research interests are in the areas of complementary therapies and patient safety. Dr. O’Beirne has served frequently as an invited lecturer both locally and nationally, and has been Principal Investigator and Co- PI on a number of grants looking at quality improvement and patient safety in the primary care arena. Dr O’Beirne’s research is focused on patient safety in community-based practices as well as patient safety in manipulative therapies. She is Chair of the Quality Improvement Committee in the Department of Family Medicine, Co-Chair of the Calgary Zone Community and Rural Health and Facilities QAC, and Chair of the Community Research Ethics Board of Alberta. In addition to her clinical practice, Dr O’Beirne is also active in teaching and education at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary as Preceptor for the Central Teaching Clinic and Low Risk Maternity Clinic.