Zoha moved from Pakistan to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary. After graduating with a BA in Psychology, she has been involved in working with people with disabilities. Driven by her passion for research, she has held previous research related positions in the Psychology department at the University of Calgary for projects aimed towards reducing the stigma towards mental illness, as well as observing people with depression. In Pakistan, she assisted in a research project that entailed a double-blind drug trial set out in hospitals and rehab centres which intended to help those who had the potential to develop psychosis.

At W21C, Zoha has been involved in numerous projects relating to health policy, health systems and public health. Her main expertise have been in conducting rapid literature scans and systematic reviews. She is also part of the clinical trials team, as well as worked on numerous COVID-19 projects including being part of the UofC COVID-19 Advisory Group with the City of Calgary and COVID-END in Canada led by the McMaster Health Forum.

Apart from work, Zoha enjoys numerous of outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and biking in the summer; and in the winter, skiing, ice skating, and snowshoeing. She also loves music, painting and dancing.