Every summer, W21C offers a variety of research internships from May to August.


Every summer, W21C offers a variety of research internships from May to August.


The W21C Initiative is led in partnership by UCalgary and Alberta Health Services. Both organizations are committed to achieving excellence in health care through innovations to clinical care, research, and education. Participation in the W21C builds on the longstanding tradition of collaboration between organizations working towards this goal.

Summer Studentships

W21C offers a limited number of interdisciplinary summer studentships each year (based on available funding) to applicants who demonstrate commitment to rigorous research practices and an interest in improving public health and health systems outcomes. Students who are currently enrolled in post-secondary programs, or who have recently completed their final year of study, are eligible to apply.

W21C Studentship Position Details:

  • Summer studentships run from May to August; however, these dates may be negotiated based on student programs or other external factors.
  • W21C summer students will be matched with a Principal Investigator, and will have the opportunity for mentorship and engagement with health care innovators at the University of Calgary.
  • In addition to assisting in research activities, the students will participate in research learning workshops, conduct presentations, and receive support to submit their research to the annual public health conference (CASCH Conference).
  • Please review the full W21C Summer Student job profile before submitting your application. 

Application Deadline and Interview Process:

  • If you are interested in pursuing a summer student position for the upcoming summer, please submit your resume and cover letter to
  • In your cover letter, please let us know if you have received scholarships or funding to support your summer research opportunities, or if you are applying to fulfill an internship or practicum as part of your program (and if this comes with partial or full funding).
  • Deadline for submission is December 31, 2018 (for summer 2019).
  • Qualified applicants will be contacted in January 2019 for interviews.

We are no longer accepting student applications for Spring/Summer 2019

For additional questions, please contact